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Welcome to Rawr

- Raid Times -

Friday/Saturday: - 10pm Eastern
Sunday: - 9pm Eastern

- Raid should BEGIN at posted time -
- Be ready to accept a raid invite AT LEAST 10 minutes before start time -
- (or asap thereafter) -

******     DKP Issues:     ******

******     Contact Chahcha, NOT Khamgot     ******
(If you didn't get DKP that you earned - use the "I was here" button on your DKP page.)
Attendance<---This will be tracking attendance (Click it), if you have any issues contact Chahcha.


First, read our Guild Information, Mission Statement and Rules and DKP & Loot Rules documents.
If you want to join or have questions contact one of our recruiters or officers in-game.
(Khamgot, Chahcha)

******     After you've joined     ******

- Set up and verify your guild website account-
- Wait for an officer to approve it-
- Add your character to the roster-
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Current Standings for DKP: Raid Mains
Drakosis Shadow Knight 336
Krystie Monk 328
Khamelion Berserker 325
Mellz Coercer 302
Shepherd Fury 286
Baktrax Troubador 275
Threetoad Mystic 268
Zhevally Templar 242
Hike Assassin 241
Vladini Coercer 233
Angloria Ranger 228
Sweetart Dirge 224
Mysfitt Mystic 209
Firamas Beastlord 179
Skittlesx Brigand 177
Pitta Dirge 177
Kublast Necromancer 176
Inuf Conjuror 167
Maribella Illusionist 160
Tokinn Templar 157
Chahcha Defiler 141
Dahliia Warlock 137
Saphiras Warden 135
Cloudiest Illusionist 99
Morrdredd Defiler 94
Stimps Necromancer 89
Requiem Troubador 80
Maasta Illusionist 65
Cesiium Swashbuckler 64
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